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My name is Camo, I am the spunky chocolate dapple that runs this place. I am always up patrolling the yard for pests that don't belong. I prefer to be out chasing squirrels but love to cuddle every now and again. 





My name is Cardi, I am a reverse chocolate dapple. I love chewing everything up and playing with everyone.

I also am the FASTEST at the kennel, wanna see? BOOM, gone. See ya, next time. Tell Sage to give me a Pawtreat or I'm going to chew up some shoes. 


My name is Chloe, I am a black and cream. I love playing with my friends, taking all the toys away from them and stockpiling them for myself.




My name is Cookie! Or Cookies n' Cream!  

I am a blue based cream.  I love rolling my bed! I put my toys up there and roll on them so all of my friends know which toy is mine! When I get tired, I love laying in someones lap and getting rubs before bedtime.


My name is Foxy, I am a chocolate and tan dapple. Daughter of Camo & Cujo. I am a social butterfly, I have met no stranger. My favorite pastime is catching flies and snuggling with my mom. I am in charge when I am in the house.




My name is Halo, I am Maggie's partner in crime. I am more of a behind the scenes character. Usually, I will unstuff a toy and then when Sage comes home Maggie is the one playing with it so she gets blamed!! Heheh


My name is Heidi! I am a blue & tan piebald. I always have a ton of energy.  I am a bit bossy but still love playing with my friends, I just need to approve what they're doing! 




My name is Issy! I am Foxy & Bandit's daughter. I am an isabella and tan. I love sniffing in the yard during the day and snuggling at night.


My name is Lily! I am a chocolate piebald out of Cujo and Georgia. Full sister to Dory. I love to lay on the couch with Sage and watch tv all day! I am the most protective doxie Sage has. I love playing with Foxy when I am forced outside, she's fun to take the toys from, we can go back and forth all day. 




My name is Lola! I am the hyperactive Isabella and Tan Dapple and Lily's best friend. I like to play. Sometimes I need to change playmates during the day because after a few hours with me my buddies get tired. Also, please bring me a stuffed toy so Sage can pick up all the fuzzy's 2 hours later. I love watching her pick up after me.


My name is Luna! I am a Blue Piebald. I have one of the SOFTEST coats. I love getting all of the attention until something else catches my attention!


Maggie May

Maggie in bluebonnets.jpg

My name is Miss Maggie May!! I am a Shaded Red. I am Sages traveling partner, we go everywhere together! Mom makes me take stupid pictures allll the time. It's kinda weird and very annoying.. I get treats after so I guess it's not that bad. 

Maggie is Sage's Doxies representative. 

My name is Precious and I am a red. I love playing with my sister, Sweets and getting belly rubs from Sage.





My name is Rita. I am a blue and tan piebald. I love just cuddling and being right beside Sage. I love to give HUGS. I don't enjoy barking much, takes a lot of energy. 


My name is Sadie, or Sadie Sue!! I am Milly & Cujo's daughter. I love to play fetch. I am a little shy and prefer to be off to myself.




My name is Sapphire. I am a blue & tan dapple. I will fight my way up until I am top dog in Sages' arms. I love getting rubs. An elite cuddler. 


My name is Shyla! I am a black & cream piebald. I love sniffing out the yard and being in anyones' arms. During the summer I enjoy cooling off in the pool. Luna & Cujo daughter




My name is Snickerdoodle, or 'Doodle'.I am a chocolate based cream. I love playing with toys! I am also a master at "striking a pose" for Sage when she has her camera out. 


My name is Spice. I am a red out of Camo. I love playing with Sugar and taking naps in the sunshine!




My name is Sugar, I am a cream. I love being picked up and held. I have one of the softest coats. 


My name is Sweets, I am a red with a white point on my chest. I am a full sister to Precious, we love to play together. 

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