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My name is Cardi, I am a chocolate dapple. I love chewing everything up and playing with everyone.

I also am the FASTEST at the kennel, wanna see? BOOM, gone. See ya, next time. Tell Sage to give me a Pawtreat or I'm going to chew up some shoes. 




My name is Chloe, I am a black and cream. I love playing with my friends, taking all the toys away from them and stockpiling them for myself.

My name is Cookie! Or Cookies n' Cream!  

I am a blue based cream.  I love rolling my bed! I put my toys up there and roll on them so all of my friends know which toy is mine! When I get tired, I love laying in someones lap and getting rubs before bedtime.





My name is Daisy or Daisy Duke, I am a chocolate piebald. I love swimming in the summer and fall and then rolling in the dirt, just to do it again and again. Ella Lynn is one of my favorite playmates. 


My name is Diva and I am a brindle cream piebald. My name says it all! I am the boss where-ever I go. I can play fight for hours, and my stamina outlasts my playmates every-time, they are no match for me! 


Ella Lynn


My name is Ella Lynn, I am a black & tan. I am Maggie's one and only daughter. I love playing with Daisy and sometimes I like playing in the water. My favorite thing is to cuddle with Sage and binge watch the TV. 


My name is Halo, I am Maggie's partner in crime. I am more of a behind the scenes character. Usually, I will unstuff a toy and then when Sage comes home Maggie is the one playing with it so she gets blamed!!
Picture explains it all... 




My name is Heidi! I am a blue & tan piebald. I always have a ton of energy.  I am a bit bossy but still love playing with my friends, I just need to approve what they're doing! 


My name is Issy, I am an isabella and tan. I love sniffing in the yard during the day and snuggling at night.




My name is Jade, I am a Isabella & Tan. I love keeping to myself and stealing the toys secretly from my friends. I love hanging out with Dax when it's only me and him, he's such a gentleman. 


My name is Jojo, I am a black & tan with brindle points. I am a full sister to Topaz. I have one of the softest coats out here at Sage's Doxies. I love catching lizards in the rocks and barking at the squirrels in the oak trees. 



My name is Lola! I am the hyperactive Isabella and Tan Dapple and Lily's best friend. I like to play. Sometimes I need to change playmates during the day because after a few hours with me my buddies get tired. Also, please bring me a stuffed toy so Sage can pick up all the fuzzy's 2 hours later. I love watching her pick up after me.


My name is Luna! I am a Blue Piebald. I have one of the SOFTEST coats. I love getting all of the attention until something else catches my attention!


Maggie Mae

Maggie in bluebonnets.jpg

My name is Miss Maggie May!! I am a Shaded Red. I am Sages traveling partner, we go everywhere together! Mom makes me take stupid pictures allll the time. It's kinda weird and very annoying.. I get treats after so I guess it's not that bad. 

Maggie is Sage's Doxies representative. 


My name is Pepper! I am a black & tan dapple. I love getting the smallest toys and treating them like my "baby" and I really don't like when my friends touch my "baby".  I also love to curl up in a ball and cuddle. 



My name is Precious and I am a red. I love playing with my sister, Sweets and getting belly rubs from Sage.


My name is Sapphire. I am a blue & tan dapple. I will fight my way up until I am top dog in Sages' arms. I love getting rubs. An elite cuddler. 




My name is Shyla! I am a black & cream piebald. I love sniffing out the yard and being in anyones' arms. During the summer I enjoy cooling off in the pool. Luna & Cujo daughter.


My name is Snickerdoodle, or 'Doodle'.I am a chocolate based cream. I love playing with toys! I am also a master at "striking a pose" for Sage when she has her camera out. 




My name is Spice. I am a red out of Camo. I love playing with Rocky and taking naps in the sunshine!


My name is Sweets, I am a full sister too Precious. I love being picked up and held. I also love swimming during the summertime!




My name is Topaz and I am a black & tan dapple. I am a full sister to Jojo. I love playing in the water, I get along with everyone, but I'd say Chloe is my favorite playmate. I also don't mind chasing lizards. 

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